GenoPipe: identifying the genotype of origin within (epi)genomic datasets
Lang O, Srivastava D, Pugh BF, Lai WKM.
An integrated SAGA and TFIID PIC assembly pathway selective for poised and induced promoters
Mittal C, Lang O, Lai WKM, Pugh BF.
Genome-wide promoter assembly in E. coli measured at single-base resolution.
John J, Jabbar J, Badjatia N, Rossi MJ, Lai WKM, Pugh BF.
PEGR: a flexible management platform for reproducible epigenomic and genomic research.
Shao D, Kellogg GD, Nematbakhsh A, Kuntala PK, Mahony S, Pugh BF, Lai WKM.
STENCIL: A web templating engine for visualizing and sharing life science datasets.
Sun Q, Nematbakhsh A, Kuntala PK, Kellogg G, Pugh BF, Lai WKM.

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