Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics
Cornell University

Yeast Epigenome Project

Comprehensive look at the yeast epigenome through the use of ultra high resolution ChIP-exo. Summary of the work is published in Nature (Rossi et al, 2021).

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Platform for Epigenetic and Genomic Regulation

A high performant LIMS system engineered to handle large-scale genomic sequencing data.

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Protein Capture Reagent Program Validation

Community resource of high-quality protein capture reagents to understand the critical role of cellular proteins.

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We aim to uncover fundamental molecular mechanisms of eukaryotic gene regulation. The lab studies how the transcription machinery assembles at promoters and the role that enhancers play in accelerating this assembly. Our research team values a wide diversity of views and racial/cultural backgrounds that brings new thinking into how nature works. We aim to foster an inclusive environment that maximizes student development and team building. We invite you to explore our publications and to reach out to us with any questions.